craig munro + stewart bremner

Photographers Craig Munro and Stewart Bremner have known each other for longer than either cares to admit. Coming to photography from different directions, they have met in a middle ground where their individual identities have become blurred. Their work not only reflects how they see the world but seeks to illustrate the physical distance that separates the two of them, as well as the contrasting natures of the cities in which they live (Munro lives in Birmingham, England and Bremner in Edinburgh, Scotland).

"We are obsessed with photography, with cameras, with making images. We take photos every single day and we have done for many years. We photograph our friends, our families, our loves, our lives. We watch, we record, we think. Photography is both our rock and our burden. In our images, we try to find our place in the world and we seek to maintain a friendship whose beginning seems now shrouded in the mists of the past."

See Stewart give a talk about the show at the Fayetteville Underground here.

A handsome, seven inch square book that compiles the entire project is available from Blurb.